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Computer Center
    The aim of the Computer Center is to make our students as well as the academic and administrative staff benefit from all the advantages of computer technology.

    The Center provides a high quality service to the health, academic, research, and management units of the university, using gigabite ethernet technology. Students can work on projects and other academic work in the computer labs, which are open between 9:00 a.m. and 18:00 p.m. everyday.

    The center has computer labs and multimedia lab, each of which is equipped with 30 personal computers and audio-visual aids. All computers are connected to the internet . At the Bağlıca Campus, the internet, e-mail, online research, and other electronic educational-instructional services are provided through 15 servers.

    Students' academic records are processed and held electronically. The Hospital Information Management System works through the Wide Area Network (WAN) which connects the hospitals in Ankara, Alanya, Adana, Konya, İzmir and İstanbul.

    Our medical doctors have access to current medical research through medical databases. In addition, software and hardware support services are available for educational and seminar activities.
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