Health Services


Health, Nutrition, Housing, Transportation

The Student Health Center in the dormitory complex on the Baglica Campus offers medical service to the students 24 hours a day on a free of charge basis. Health Center serves for all student and empioyees who are at Baskent Unıversity trough 3 specialists, 1 dentist, 2 nurses,3 emergeny medical technicians,2 paramedics, 2 medical secretaries, 1 driver, 3 policlinics, 1 oral and dental health unıt, 1 emergeny observation room,2 observation room, 1 ambulance service according  to tramework pf principles determined by Health Center and Help Application Principles and Regulations Directive. The examinations and treatment of students and staff in the Health Center and the examinationsat Baskent University Hospitals are free of charge. When the first examination and treatment is requlred, students and employess  and referred to the unıversity hospital. The Health Center is open 24 hours a day. Including holidays and offical holiday. Moreover, they may get the necessary medical service from the Başkent University healthcare facilities that are located in Alanya, Adana, Izmir, Iskenderun, Tokat-Zile, Yalova, Sanliurfa, Konya and Istanbul.