Short Programs



Short Programs

Adana Vocational School of Health
    Program of Physical Therapy
    Program of Anesthesia
    Program of First and Emergency Aid
    Program of Medical Imaging Techniques

Anadolu O S B Meslek Yüksekokulu
    Program of Machinery
    Program of Electronic Communication Technology
    Program of Industrial Die Sinking

Kahramankazan Vocational School
    Program of Business Administration
    Program of Foreign Trade
    Program of Electronic Technology
    Program of Control and Automation Technology
    Program of Mechatronics
    Program of Food Quality Control and Analysis
    Program of Food Technology
    Program of Machinery
    Program of Industrial Raw Materials Processing Technology
    Program of Automotive Technology
    Program of Logistics

Konya Vocational School of Health
    Program of First and Emergency Aid

Vocational School of Health
    Program of Oral and Dental Health
    Program of Occupational Health and Safety
    Program of Physical Therapy
    Program of Operating Room Services
    Program of Anesthesia
    Program of Dialysis
    Program of First and Emergency Aid
    Program of First and Emergency Aid (Evening Education)
    Program of Pathology Laboratory Technician
    Program of Medical Documentation and Secretarial
    Program of Medical Imaging Techniques

Vocational School of Social Sciences
    Program of Bureau Management And Excutive Assistance
    Program of Child Development
    Program of Photography and Camera Operation
    Program of Radio and Television Programming
    Program of Justice
    Program of Justice (Evening Education)
    Program of Accounting and Tax Application
    Program of Cluniary Arts
    Program of Tourism and Hotel Management
    Program of Tourism and Travel Services

Vocational School of Technical Sciences
    Program of Computer Programming
    Program of Computer Programming (Evening Education)
    Program of Health Information Systems Technology
    Program of Biomedical Equipment Technology