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eduroam / How to Make a Wireless Network Connection?
eduroam / How to Make a Wireless Network Connection? How do I connect to eduroam? In order to connect to eduroam network, the user name and password used when connecting to Başkent University wireless internet network, as well as some settings must be made on the device to be connected. When connecting to eduroam network, you must enter your username as /
Personal Web Page Operations
Personal Web Page Operations For our students, information about the personal web page hosting service; This service is available to all registered students. In order for your pages to be published online, these pages must be put into the public_html directory in your account with the help of an ftp program. To do this, you must open the Windows Explorer by right-clicking the Start button on the bottom...
How to Use E-mail?
How to Use E-mail? Information about e-mail reading service for our students; When you read this document, • Basic information about your email account, • How to access the e-mail reading service from the web page, • You will learn about the causes and solutions, if any, of any errors you encounter. It is a prerequisite that our students have a computer account or e-mail account from...
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