How to Use E-mail?



How to Use E-mail?

Information about e-mail reading service for our students;

When you read this document,

• Basic information about your email account,

• How to access the e-mail reading service from the web page,

• You will learn about the causes and solutions, if any, of any errors you encounter.

It is a prerequisite that our students have a computer account or e-mail account from our University in order to receive e-mail service.

E-mail account is opened automatically to all students who register to our university without their request. Our students can obtain their passwords for their e-mail accounts from the Information Services Page using the Student Information System or our website. Students who have problems in this regard can apply to IT Department.

E-mail addresses for all our students:


The user_name variable has its own school number for all our students.

For example, the e-mail address of a student whose school number is 20012345:

The word mail is the symbolic name of the computer that serves our students and the series of icons is is the internet domain name of our University. To connect to a student e-mail server computer, simply type in the address section of any Internet browser (Explorer or Netscape) program and press enter. You can choose between Turkish and English mail servers. You can open the program by entering your user name, school number and password. For the students who know UNIX operating system, the telnet address of the server is

Possible Problems:

• When you receive the error message "Page not found ......." on your internet browser, make sure you have typed your address correctly and that you do not use Turkish characters.

• If you get the error message "Incorrect username or password ... Try again" even though you have typed your school number and password correctly, contact the Computer Centre.