Undergraduate Programs



Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Dentistry
    Program of Dentistry
    Program of Dentistry (English)
    Program of Dentistry (English 30%)

Faculty of Education
    Program of Turkish Language Teaching
    Program of Guidance and Psychological Counseling
    Program of Elementary Mathematics Education
    Program of Mathematics Teaching Education
    Program of Preschool Teaching
    Program of Primary School - Classroom Teaching
    Program of English Language Teaching

Faculty of Science and Letters
    Program of American Culture and Literature
    Program of Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Program of Molecular Biology and Genetics (English)
    Program of Translation and Interpretation
    Program of Psychology
    Program of Sociology
    Program Of Sociology (English)
    Program of Turkish Language and Literature

Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
    Program of Cartoon and Animation
    Program of Fim Design and Directing
    Program of Graphic Design
    Program of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
    Program of Visual Communication Design
    Program of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
    Program of Architecture
    Program of Textile and Fashion Design

Faculty of Law
    Program of Law (English 30%)

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
    Program of Economics
    Program of Economics (English)
    Program of Business Administration
    Program of Business Administration (English)
    Program Political Science and International Relations (English 30%)
    Program Political Science and International Relations (English)
    Program of Technology and Knowledge Management

Faculty of Communication
    Program of Public Relations and Publicity
    Program of Communication Design
    Program of Radio, Television and Cinema

Faculty of Engineering
    Program of Computer Engineering (English 30%)
    Program of Biomedical Engineering (English 30%)
    Program of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)
    Program of Industrial Engineering (English 30%)
    Program of Civil Engineering (English)
    Program of Mechanical Engineering (English)

Faculty of Health Sciences
    Program of Nutrition and Dietetics
    Program of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
    Program of Nursing
    Program of Audiology
    Program of Healthcare Management
    Program of Social Work
    Program of Exercise Sport Sciences

Faculty of Medicine
    Program of Medicine (English)
    Program of Medicine (Turkish)

Faculty of Commercial Sciences
    Program of Accounting and Finance Management
    Program of Insurance
    Program of Tourism Management
    Program of International Trade and Finance
    Program of International Finance and Banking
    Program of Management Information Systems

State Conservatory
    Program of Composition and Music Theory
    Program of Opera Choir and Popular Music Singing
    Program of Opera
    Program of Piano, Harp and Guitar
    Program of Popular Music Singing