Personal Web Page Operations



Personal Web Page Operations

For our students, information about the personal web page hosting service;

This service is available to all registered students.

In order for your pages to be published online, these pages must be put into the public_html directory in your account with the help of an ftp program.

To do this, you must open the Windows Explorer by right-clicking the Start button on the bottom left of a computer with any MS Windows operating system, and then left-clicking the Search word.

In this program, type ftp: // <your student number> @ and press enter / enter.

In the window that opens, type your student number and password in the boxes and complete the connection to the remote server.

After uploading your pages to the server, simply enter the address of your page in the address section of any web browser (Explorer or Chrome), so that your pages can be viewed. Let's assume that the sample user of Yağmur İnce Güney is 20012345. In this case, the address of the personal website:

(The symbol that precedes the user name 20012345 is read as "tilde". This symbol is absolutely required.)