Academic Performance
Beginning from the 2014-2015 Academic Year, an evaluation system has been set forth by a commision and the academic performance of the academicians have been evaluated based on some criteria regarding the activities of the academicians within a fixed period (a year).  The commision evaluates both individual and institutional performance, announces the scores and those who have the high scores...
Academic Publications
Since 2005, regarding the contribution of our University to the world of science, the publications affiliated Başkent University have been collected yearly and published as “Citation Index Publications” booklet.  Articles, meeting abstracts, letters, reviews, editorial materials, proceedings, biographical items, corrections, early accesses have been extracted from Web of Science indices;...
Byo-Tec (Center for Developing New Technologies) Ekin Pre-Incubation Center Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Transfer Office  
Research Institutes
Institute of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Development Institute of Transplantation and Gene Sciences Institute of Burn, Fire and Naturel Disaster
Research Profile
Research profile 
Academic Publications
Citation Index and Scopus Publications Citation Index and Scopus Publications -2017 Citation Index and Scopus Publications -2016 Citation Index and Scopus Publications -2015  
Patents, Utility Models
Baskent University's Patents 1- Invention Name: A Flow Sensing Plasma Arc Device -  Doç. Dr. Cengiz Koçum Summary: The Present İnvention Relates To A Flow Sensing Plasma Arc Device Used For Obtaining Microstructures Such As Microchannels, Micro Holes, Micro Spots And The Like On Hard, Stable And İnert Materials Such As Quartz, Glass, Or For Cutting İnert Materials. Keywords:...