İstanbul Application and Research Center


Health Care Facilities

Başkent University Istanbul Application Research Center, Altunizade Oymacı St. No:7, Baskent University in its own facilities to build and equipped with the most modern equipment as a new health facility was put into service on February 23, 2007.

The aim of our hospital is to provide safe, high quality and fast health services to our patients. Our university’s quality of health service is certified with “TS-EN ISO 9001: 2008 Ünivers. In this respect, our center is not different from the other 9 hospitals of Başkent University. In short, our center carries the knowledge and experience of Başkent University to Istanbul in a new building.

In addition to our main building with 105 beds consisting of approximately 13.000 m2 of indoor space, we provide service with our additional service polyclinics and our Çekmeköy Dialysis Center with 44 beds.

The main hospital building has 2-bed service. Close follow-up and safety are in the forefront in the inpatients. Emergency warning system called tel Code blue em and telemetric monitoring is one of these security elements. Patients can be monitored from fixed monitors in their places as well as from monitors when they are traveling outside of their rooms. In this way, the rhythm problems that may arise while wandering without lying can also be identified. The gir Code Blue ında system is activated when a warning is received from the nurse call systems in the patient’s room and bathroom. An ”emergency response team ir that is present at any time reaches the scene as soon as possible and undertakes the e animation kısa process that has already started on the spot. It is supervised by the management whether this intervention is carried out at the required speed or not.

The whole building is equipped with air pressure-operated scuba transport system. With this system, it is possible to carry all kinds of documents and materials of suitable size between the floors and laboratories. In addition, technical features such as operating room, intensive care and heat and ventilation of the floors, performance of generators are monitored continuously from central automation control center. Uninterruptible power supplies are kept continuously in critical areas against power cuts. Başkent University, which continues its rapid development in Istanbul, has expanded its service area with new polyclinics.