Extraordinary Meeting of Başkent University Senate on 25 December 2023


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ON DECEMBER 25, 2023

As a result of the treacherous terrorist attacks carried out by members of the separatist terrorist organization on 22-23 December 2023 in the Pençe-Kilit Operation region in the north of Iraq, 12 heroic citizens of our homeland were martyred.

These attacks have once again shown the dirty face of terrorism. The terrorists who had planned and carried out these heinous attacks will never be able to achieve their goals.

The Senate of Başkent University, which convened extraordinarily on December 25, 2023, strongly condemns these treacherous terrorist attacks against our unity and integrity, peace, and security. We condemn terrorism, the treacherous terrorist organization, and their inhumane methods.

May Allah have mercy on our heroic soldiers who were martyred as a result of the treacherous attacks of the members of the separatist terrorist organization, we wish a speedy recovery to the soldiers wounded, and we wish patience to their grieving families, relatives as well as their comrades-in-arms, and we share their pain.

We stand by all our security forces who fight with great sacrifice and heroism for the independence and integrity of the Republic of Türkiye against the separatist terrorists and their supporters inside and outside our borders in difficult weather and terrain conditions.  As Başkent University, we respectfully submit to our beloved nation that we are ready to undertake all responsibilities in this sacred struggle.

Our deepest condolences to our nation,

May the souls of our martyrs’ rest in peace and their homes be paradise.

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