General Layout

Bağlıca Campus

Bağlıca Campus; On Ankara-Eskisehir Highway 18 km, Bağlıca Village contiguous area, out of afforestation and green belt, has been established on 650 acres of construction land and continues to grow with the new construction work.

The students of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences receive their basic education here, and the education and instruction about health practices from Health Application and Research Centres. Technology Development Centre Başkent TEKMER is located on Bağlıca Campus. The annual construction program is determined according to the education programs and student quotas.


Bahçelievler Campus

Located in Bahçelievler and Maltepe districts, it encompasses Ankara Hospital, Faculty of Dentistry units, Faculty of Medicine Dean's Office, Women-Children, Family Health and Family Planning Research and Application Centre and administrative units.


Kazan Campus

The Kazan Campus is located in the Kazan district of Ankara and moved to its new building in 2013 and continues its education with the Kazan Vocational School and the Institute of Transplantation and Genetic Sciences.


Outside Ankara

Adana Vocational School of Health Services, which started its educational activities in the 2008-2009 academic year, serves in Adana, and Konya Vocational School of Health Services is in service in Konya.


In addition to the education and health services it provides in Ankara, Adana and Konya; it also has services in Alanya, Iskenderun, Istanbul, Izmir, Sakarya, Şanlıurfa, Tokat, Yalova and Zonguldak provinces.




The provinces and centers where our university provides education and health services;



Bağlıca Campus

o          Bahçelievler Campus

• Ankara Hospital

o          Kazan Campus

• Kazan Vocational School

• Institute of Transplantation and Genetic Sciences

• Ayaş Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre

• Ümitköy Polyclinic

• Ümitköy Dialysis Centre

• Yapracık Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Centre

• Yenikent Polyclinic

• Yenikent Dialysis Centre

• Çiğdem Dialysis Centre

• Gölbaşı Patalya Lakeside Application Hotel

• Kızılcahamam Patalya Thermal Resort Application Hotel

• Ankara Private Ayşeabla Schools



• Vocational School of Health Services

• Yüreğir Research and Application Centre

• Seyhan Research and Application Centre

• Barracks Campus

• Private Başkent Primary and Secondary Schools



• Alanya Research and Application Centre

• Oba Dialysis Centre and Polyclinic



• Iskenderun Dialysis Centre



• Istanbul Research and Application Centre

• Istanbul Dialysis Centre


• Zübeyde Hanım Application and Research Centre

• Çiğli Polyclinic

• Mavişehir Polyclinic



• Vocational School of Health Services

• Konya Research and Application Centre



• Kocaeli Training and Recreation Facility



• Şanlıurfa Dialysis Centre



• Zile Dialysis Centre



• Yalova Dialysis Centre



• Zonguldak Dialysis Centre

• Karadeniz Ereğli Dialysis Centre


Affiliated Institutions

The affiliates of our university have settled in Ankara and Adana, and are as follows:



• Açkar Dairy Products Agriculture and Livestock Industry. And Trade. Inc.

• Aküm Advertising Consultancy and Publishing Agency San. And Trade. Inc.

• Alaf Confection, Design, Furniture, San. And Trade. Ltd.

• Monument Ltd.

• Başkent News Agency

• Baskent University Development Foundation Economic Enterprise

• Private Primary and Secondary Education Institutions Trade. And San. Inc.

• Oditaş A.Ş.

• Kalif Marketing Construction Contracting Trade Transportation Tourism Ltd.

• Mol Petrol Fuel and Recreation Facilities Trade. Singing. Inc.

• Pag Ltd.

• Per Agriculture Livestock Products Inc.

• Vaksan A.Ş.

• Vakur Ltd.