Other Administrative Units


Administrative Units

Quality Management Unit

Our mission is to raise individuals who adopt the idea of the objectivity of science, have national consciousness, are inquisitive and productive, have analytic and holistic thinking structure, are sensitive to human rights and environment, are respectful to universal law, are creative, innovative and committed to the principles of Atatürk. We also aim to contribute to the improvement of technologic, socio-economic and the cultural levels of the Turkish society by the help of educational, developmental and scientific activities, the improvement of human health, the development of human and environmental rights and the proliferation of society service.
As an academic institution, we care for the following concepts:
•    Mind and science,
•    Scientific productivity,
•    Organizational development and organizational identity,
•    Study discipline,
•    Social service,
•    Objectivity,
•    Reaching universalism from nationalism,
•    Continuous improvement.
•    Cooperation with partners and having the team spirit
•    Creativity and innovativeness

Security Unit

The aim of our unit is to keep the education going in a peaceful, safe and undisturbed way, protect the campus, the personnel and the students against a disruption, fire or theft; take preventative measures against illegal social acts, put them into practice and to maintain the traffic order in the campus. We provide security services for 24 hours, in three different shifts.
As the security unit our mission is to
•    prepare a civil defense plan,
•    prepare a defense plan against sabotage,
•    prepare regulations on fire preventing and fire-fighting,
•    prepare a protection plan,
•    determine the specific duty points, plan and assign the guards,
•    protect the university against every kind of threat,
•    keep the entrance and exit doors of the campus under control and keep records,
•    work in coordination with the law enforcement officers and exert their authority to catch the suspect(s), keep them under custody and hold the evidence until the officers arrive,
•    provide traffic control services and apply the traffic regulation orders of the Council.

Purchasing Unit

As the purchasing unit we aim to organize the procedural rules and regulations regarding all kinds of internal and external purchases and sales for construction, maintenance and repair, rentals, financial rentals, transportation, projects, studies, consultancy and such work with the most suitable conditions and the best prices, in the most convenient times, taking the economic and social requirements of Başkent University into consideration.