Academic Centers


Administrative Units

Atatürk’s Principles and Reforms Research and Application Center (ATAMER)

The aim of our center is to study and enlighten the principles and reforms of Atatürk, which are the reason for Republic of Turkey to exist and have been the source of Turkish Nation’s ambition to modernize and improve in various ways and to announce the outcomes of these studies to academics and our society.
Within this framework, all the political, social, economic and cultural transformations that the Turkish society experienced during the course of time starting from the Ottoman Empire until the Republican period are discussed by using a holistic and comparative approach. Some of the study fields could be listed as, ‘the significance of the Turkish revolution in the history of the world’, ‘the stages of the Turkish modernization and the turning points of these stages’, ‘the political and intellectual foundations and the structuring of the Republic’. 
The center arranges national and international conferences, panels and seminars; it presents the outcomes of its members’ researches in various scientific gatherings and programs and publishes papers in scientific journals. Besides, the center arranges special memorial days and certain travel programs to support its goals.
The center is also responsible for teaching the course called ‘Atatürk’s Principles and the History of Turkish Revolution’ in all the departments of the university. 

Criminal Law and Criminology Research and Application Center (CEKAMER)

Our center aims to:
•    discover the problems in the field of criminology such as national and international criminal law, criminal procedure law, fields related to execution law and identifies how to overcome these problems
•    determine the national and international problems in the field of criminology, which includes study fields such as forensic medicine, anthropological criminology, criminal psychology, criminal sociology, criminal psychiatry, penology, crime policy, crime prevention, victimology and criminalistics and offer solutions to these problems.
•    follow the modern methods, discussions, and solutions in the fields of comparative law, criminology and related fields
•    perform the theoretical and applied studies as well as activities to support our cooperation with the European Union 
•    cooperate with the national and international organizations
•    carry out joint projects based on public peace with public organizations
•    develop and execute social responsibility projects

Our activities include:

•    organizing, attending, and participating in various activities such as national and international seminars, conferences, and other events related to Criminology
•    publishing our work on study fields such as penalty, criminal procedure law, criminology and related fields
•    Collaborating with national and international organizations with similar goals as ours 
•    Providing and maintaining the necessary equipment related to the activity field and following the national and international requirements
•    setting up temporary/permanent commission groups when required to carry out researches, investigations and, projects to cooperate with organizations and experts in national and international fields
•    organizing and attending regular, scientific and qualitative activities for the staff in related fields
•    carrying out joint activities with the faculties and departments of Başkent University and other universities when required 
•    preparing all kinds of activities and publications that are fit for the purpose of the center.

Experimental Animal Breeding and Research Center

In our center, which has its own building in the campus, we raise and the breed experimental animals such as mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, domestic pigs and rabbits in modern conditions. 
Our center aims to:
•    breed experimental animals for scientific studies and thesis studies done in the Faculty of Medicine and other universities
•    breed experimental animals for the training of medical faculty students
•    conduct studies on potential model development for all kinds of research studies
•    breed special races and breeds which are rarely found in addition to the experimental animals which are commonly used.
There are three units in our center, which operates in a single building, and these units are the breeding unit, the administrative unit and the outbred and inbred unit. There is also a meeting room, a laboratory, an infirmary and a quarantine room, pre-operative and post-operative units, an operating room, a storeroom, animal feed and medicine storerooms, equipment cleaning rooms, changing rooms and showers in the building. In the center there are two veterinary physicians, two health officers, one healthcare technician and three health assistants on duty. 
Research Center:
This center, which performs its duties in the Medical Faculty building in the campus, provides the researchers with opportunities to conduct experimental studies by using advanced technological equipment. The center aims to provide the medical faculty researchers with opportunities to conduct their scientific studies and thesis studies, provide opportunities for experimental studies to be done regarding the projects of other universities and educational institutions and provide opportunities for medical students’ experimental studies during their education. Within this center, there is an administrative unit, a meeting room, small and large animal operating rooms, pre-operative and post-operative rooms, medicine storerooms and a changing room. There is a physician, a veterinary physician, a health officer and two health assistants on duty. 

Language Studies Center (BÜDAM)

Language Studies Center, BÜDAM, not only teaches the students of our university Turkish Language Course 1 (Turkish 101) and Turkish Language Course 2 (Turkish 102) but also organizes cultural activities such as reading activities to get them to adopt the habit of reading, poetry recitations, conferences or conversations and to help the students complete their mental and emotional development and contribute to their socialization.
The aim of our center is  
•    primarily to find out opportunities to enrich Turkish language, which is one of the most ancient and the richest languages in the world, and to equip our students with the language in a detailed manner
•    to find new methods in Turkish education 
•    to create the Turkish equivalents of all the scientific and philosophical concepts in order to be able to make Turkish language the language of science and philosophy. 

Adult Education and Counseling Center (BEDAM)

Our center organizes educational training programs in 55 cities, in Turkey. The center cooperates with organizations and institutions and is able to give more than 100 kinds of trainings by the help of a qualified and professional staff.  The certificates which are presented to the participants at the end of our trainings are accepted nationally and internationally. During the academic year, we invite authors and speakers and organize conversations and debates. 
The aim of our center is to help the students:
•    use their native language properly and accurately
•    gain the habit of thinking on an issue in detail and to help them gain the skill of expressing themselves verbally or writing about their thoughts in the most efficient way
•    gain the skill of writing, benefiting from sources, evaluating data and speaking correctly
•    gain the habit of addressing to a crowd, thinking regularly, listening, criticizing, and respecting other people’s thoughts
•    write and talk simply, fluently, efficiently and in an original way
•    understand the importance of listening and reading in order to be successful and teach them the ways of being a good listener and reader.

First Aid Education Center

In our country, most of the permanent deformities or deaths are caused by inaccurate medical interventions which are applied by untrained people who are trying to help the casualties after an accident. Therefore, the primary aim of our center is to train first-aid trainers and secondly, we aim to give basic first-aid training. Our center was approved in terms of space, training staff and training equipment and we were given a certificate of conformity by the Ministry of Health in 2005. 
We can all witness unexpected accidents at some points in our lives. We can save a person’s life or prevent a person from being disabled for the rest of his life by giving them immediate medical attention. We care for human life and we believe that appropriate and efficient first-aid will make a big difference in people’s lives. 
The participants are given skills, knowledge and attitude tests before and after the course and therefore the training is organized according to the results of these tests.
During the training given by our center, 
•    the participants are taught certain skills and attitude during visual and verbal applications together with first-aid interventions.
•    power-point presentations, slides, video-monitored models and animation techniques are used
•    real-life scenarios are used in real-life environment
•    the participants are provided with written materials on the topics they are being trained during the course. 
According to the regulation published in the official gazette dated 22.05.2002, in every institution or organization, it is compulsory to employ at least 1 first aider for every 20 personnel and 1 first aider for every 10 personnel in the workplaces where heavy and dangerous work is done. 
First-aid Topics
General First-Aid Training
•    Examination of the sick/wounded and the incident scene
•    Basic life support
•    Bleedings and shock
•    Bruises
•    Burns
•    Frostbite
•    Heat stroke
•    Fracture, dislocation and sprain
•    Impaired consciousness
•    Poisoning
•    Animal bites
•    Foreign bodies in the eye, ear and nose
•    Drownings
•    Patient carrying techniques
•    Taking the casualties out of a vehicle


Career Plannıng Center

Our mission is to improve the efficiencies of the students, candidates and the graduates in accordance with their abilities and skills and raise the popularity of our university, and therefore to improve the potential and the performance of the human resources in our university and our country.

As the Career Planning Center we
•    develop strategies, projects, activities and organizations regarding career planning and development and coordinate these activities
•    assist Başkent University students, graduates and personnel develop competence on the topics of individual career planning, job seeking and academic guidance by organizing and coordinating training courses, seminars and certificate programs
•    offer the required counseling and other services to reveal the individual potentials, personality traits, skills, attributes, their tendencies and expectations of Başkent University students, graduates and personnel
•    plan and organize career days and such activities in coordination with student communities and the Ministry of Culture
•    organize joint career development project and programs with public organizations and institutions from different sectors
•    conduct researches on topics such as career planning and development, business areas and opportunities, the career target and expectations of the target population
•    follow the graduates’ career developments in their business lives in cooperation with Başkent University Alumni Association, invite them to the seminars we organize in our university in order to introduce them to our students
•    keep computer records of the graduates’ data and keep them up-to-date
•    prepare alumni catalogue, organize the alumni day, contribute to the cultural, professional and the scientific lives of the graduates, provide solidarity among the graduates, conduct studies to manipulate the knowledge of our graduates in the scope of our project called ‘Strengthening the Relations with the Alumni’ in order to contribute to the development of our university and country
•    design and publish all kinds of written and visual materials related to the activities that our center organizes
•    post and upload the activities on social media
•    contact with the business world, contact the employers who are in need of employees and share the job advertisements with our graduates
•    organize activities regarding career planning and development specifically for our graduates
•    attend the faculty/ vocational school orientations organized at the beginning of each academic year aiming to help the students adapt the university and introduce the units within the university, give information about the Career Center
•    organize seminars regarding the preparation of a CV or job interviews and do workshops. 

Woman and Child Health and Family Planning Center (BÜKÇAM) 

With the cooperation of the other units in the university and other national and international organizations, our mission is to 
•    develop social awareness towards the problems of women including their physical, mental and reproductive health in all periods of their lives and sex discrimination
•    form public opinion in accordance with the conditions of our country regarding the physical, mental and social development of the child starting from birth, including the adolescence period
•    follow and present the national and international researches and studies on the problems and rights of women within the framework of child health and family planning and on child health problems, including adolescence period
•    do national research on the related topics, especially on the ones which are needed to be studied in Turkey, prepare multi-centered and multi-national projects, contribute to the dissemination of the solution offers to be made nationwide
•    set an example to the country in terms of providing services concerning reproductive health and family planning by developing a clinical service model
•    raise conscious secondary school, high school and university students nationwide by informing them on topics such as woman-child health, family planning and the development of social gender equality concept and by making them participate in the activities and take part in joint studies such as planning study materials.

Based on the belief that a woman should live as an independent individual in a society where men and women are treated equally and should be able to express her own and her child’s problems, we
•    organize national and international seminars, conferences, conventions, symposiums and courses
•     do educational studies to raise the awareness of the students and the society towards these issues by courses, seminars and meetings and support the activities done in these fields
•    publish our studies and create a documentation unit
•    create a communication web with national and international organizations and support, contribute to all the studies of the institutions and the organizations and give consultancy service when required. 

Culture and Arts Research Center

In our center we do studies and make applications on the fields themselves and the technological aspects of these fields regarding culture, design and music such as music, art history, traditional handicrafts, archaeology, anthropology, architecture and restoration, education on art history. 
Our aim is to:
•    do scientific studies on national and international level, set up projects and give consultancy and project management services to public and private sector in these fields
•    reveal all the artistic values in music, culture and art history, 
•    study music, culture and art history systematically and continuously by documenting the original forms and preparing chronological lists
•    archive the existing information and documents and broadcast, publish and do similar work to make the information known by the people concerned nationally and internationally
•    not only organize national and international scientific, artistic and cultural activities but also conduct training programs in the related fields
•    organize courses, workshops, summer courses, symposiums, biennials, exhibitions, concerts and similar activities in national and international levels. 

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center

Our center is a student service unit which supports the personal development of the students and aims to help them deal with the educational, social and personal problems that they may encounter throughout their lives and has been functioning in our university since 1997. 

Our Principles
•    Our studies are based on a democratic and humanistic perspective
•    Each individual, no matter what his characteristics are, is worth being respected. We care for individual and cultural differences in our studies
•    Our studies depend on willingness and cooperation
•    Secrecy is our top policy. 

You can consult us if you:
•    have difficulty in adapting university life, 
•    facing problems academically
•    unable to succeed despite working hard
•    experience anxiety during the examinations
•    have family issues
•    are experiencing problems in interpersonal relations
•    are facing a situation that you cannot handle in your emotional relationships
•    have difficulty in expressing yourself
•    have issues about self-reliance
•    feel lonely and want to share your experiences with someone who understands you
•    want to find out and know who you are
•    wish to use your time more effectively.
You can visit our center for other problems that you encounter with in your life and benefit from our services which are totally free and are provided for Başkent University students only.

Stress Management Application and Research Center (SUYAM)

Our application and research center provides services for anyone who wants to be informed about effective stress management. In order to inform people on stress management, we give stress management seminars regularly in the Hospital of Başkent University, Ankara. In these seminars, which are free of charge, are for anyone who would like to be informed about stress management, topics such as ‘what is stress’, ‘stress, physiological basis’, ‘the functional and non-functional ways to handle stress’, ‘the relations between stress and illnesses’ are discussed. The dates and places of these seminars can be found on the activity calendar on the web page of Başkent University. 

Our mission is to
•    study the effects of stress and stress management on physical and psychological health based on the interaction of the mind and the body
•    study of stress management with applications based on wise awareness
•    do activities to broaden the knowledge and improve the qualifications of the health workers on the issue of mind-body interaction
•    make contributions to the training of the experts who are going to work in this field.

Technology Development Center (TEKMER)

The reason of our establishment is to 
•    support entrepreneurship which aims to turn innovative ideas of our age into commercial assets 
•    bring industry and university which has several research opportunities and knowledge close together
•    turn Research-Development studies into economic value and support Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are involved in this field
•    set up and develop innovative and knowledge intensive organizations which have high added value. 

In order to support the Research-Development and innovation activities of SME and our entrepreneurs, within the scope of KOSGEB- Başkent University and TEKMER Cooperation Protocol we:
•    evaluate and finalize the project proposals presented by the SME and the entrepreneurs within the scope of KOSGEB, Research-Development Innovation and Industrial Application Program as Başkent University, TEKMER Project Evaluation and Decision Committee, 
•    evaluate the project proposals as a Committee and appoint our assistant professors who are experienced in this field to give their opinions on the proposal if necessary , 
•    support the projects which are approved by the Committee of KOSGEB- Başkent University TEKMER or other Committees gathered in other universities within the scope of KOSGEB support regulations and KOSGEB support budget,
•    place the SME and the entrepreneurs that are decided to be supported in the available workplaces -depending on the available workplaces in TEKMER-support the project activities of the SME and the entrepreneurs that do not wish to be placed or cannot be placed and appoint an assistant professor as a ‘project monitor’ for each project that has been approved,
•    follow the procedures of the payments to be made from the budget of KOSGEB to the assistant professors who give their opinions on the projects or monitor the projects, 
•    develop the Research-Development innovation potentials-skills of the SME and the entrepreneurs and carry out activities to strengthen the university-industry cooperation. 

Thermopolium Gastronomy Academy (TGA)

Our mission is to transfer detailed information to the participants of the academy primarily on the Turkish cuisine and other cuisines and cultures and to provide quality education for the participants with the support we get from our professional partners as an intermediary organization while preparing traditional and modern recipes and creating new ones.  Our aim is to:

•    be a distinguished organization which determines the international standards with the technology it uses, the training it gives, the professionals it trains and the contributions it makes to the field of gastronomy, 
•    raise young chefs who are equipped with outstanding knowledge and skills and are able to compete in the international field, 
•    introduce Turkish cuisine in the international field, 
•    teach the participants all the most delicate methods of cooking starting from the basic level to the advanced level, as well as to equip them with the basic knowledge on food and beverage management.

Turkish Language Education Research and Applicatıon Center (BÜTEM)

In our center we
•    hold basic sciences courses (mathematics, general ability, general knowledge) for the students who own state scholarships, 
•    hold courses on Turkish language for special trainees,
•    organize proficiency examinations for foreign students who are to be educated in various educational organizations in Turkey,
•    organize Diploma examinations on Turkish language in foreign countries,
•    prepare course materials and a course syllabus for Turkish education, 
•    organize seminars for national/international students and trainers,
•    organize undergraduate and master’s education programs for the students who attend courses in Başkent- TÖMER.

The Profile of the Foreign Students to Be Educated in Turkish Language in BASKENT-BUTEM
•    The students who have the scholarship of ‘Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities’. 
•    Medical personnel who come from all over the world to be educated and work for the Founding President of Başkent Universiy Hospital, Mehmet Haberal, MD., Professor.
•    The students who have the scholarship of IDB (Islamic Development Bank).
•    Special Students (the students who are educated in Turkey by their own means). 
•    The students who visit Turkey via international protocols (ERASMUS, CAMPUS EUROPA, TÜRKSOY and AHMET YESEVİ UNIVERSITY),

Creative and Cultural Industries Research and Application Center (YAKEM)

Our center, which is based on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, aims to support and create a substructure in the fields of creative industries in formal programs in different disciplines. 
In our center we aim to 
•    do interdisciplinary researches which help deepen and diversify our academic knowledge and contribute to the literature,
•    enhance the collaboration of the academic and administrative personnel of Başkent University, the students and our business partners who are from other organizations,
•    organize learning activities for the business partners inside and outside the organization.