Hasan OĞUL

Bioinference Research Group

Main theme of our research is to develop and apply pattern recognition, machine learning and statistical data analysis techniques with special focus on;

1. Inference and retrieval of biological knowledge using a variety of biomolecular data such as sequence, gene expression and interactions

2. Intelligent interfaces for web, mobile devices and wearable sensors

3. Computer vision and image understanding for detecting objects of interest in medical or enterprise images

Group Members
Hasan Ogul, Prof.Dr. (Group Leader)
Duygu Dede, PhD Student
Tuncay Bayrak, PhD Student
Erdem Çorapçıoğlu, PhD Student
İlkhan Cüceloğlu, PhD Student
Ahmet Hayran, PhD Student
Koray Açıcı, PhD Student
İsmail Haberal, PhD Student
Tunç Aşuroğlu, PhD Student
Ç.Berke Erdaş, MSc Student
Ahmet Bağcı, MSc Student
Vildan Koşan, MSc Student

Emre Sümer, Assist.Prof.Dr. (Başkent Üniv.,Computer Engineering)
Feride İ.Şahin, Prof.Dr. (Başkent Üniv., Medical Genetics)
Yunus K.Terzi, Assoc.Prof.Dr. (Başkent Üniv., Medical Genetics)
Mahinur Akkaya, Prof.Dr. (METU, Biochemistry)
Ali Uğur Ural, Prof.Dr. (Bayındır Hospital, Hematology)
A.Muhteşem Ağıldere, Prof.Dr., (Başkent Üniv., Radiology) 
Münire T.Kılınç, Assoc.Prof.Dr. (Başkent Üniv., Neurology)
Hamit Erdem, Prof.Dr., (Başkent Üniv., Electronics Engineering)

(2015-...) Recognition of physical activity by sequential analysis of accelerometer signals with application to Parkinsons' telemonitoring (TUBITAK Project Grant No. 115E451)
(2014-...) Content-based search in gene expression databases: Context-dependent signatures (TUBITAK Project Grant No. 113E527)
(2014-...) Computer-aided diagnosis and prognosis from lung x-ray images (SANTEZ Grant No.379.STZ.2013-2)
(2011-2013) Integration of sequence and expression data to discover microRNA-mediated regulatory networks. (TUBITAK Project Grant No. 110E160)
(2012-2013) Multi-way and multi-source analysis of high-throughput data (B.Ü. BAP Grant No. BA12/FM10)
(2013-2014) Document categorization and signature region detection (SANTEZ Grant No.01522.STZ.2012-2)


Tools and supplements


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