Hasan OĞUL


PhD (2006) METU, Informatics Institute, Dept. of Information Systems
MS (2001) Ege University, International Computer Institute, Dept. of Information Technologies
BS (1998) METU, Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Information and Computer Science (Agu, 2008-Agu, 2009)

Baskent University, Computer Engineering Department (Sep, 2001-...)
Ege University, Network Management Group, (Nov,1999-Sep, 2001)
VESTEL, Research & Development Unit, (Jun, 1998-Nov, 1999)


Coordinator, (2015-...) Recognition of physical activity by sequential analysis of accelerometer signals with application to Parkinsons' telemonitoring (TUBITAK Project Grant No. 115E451)

Coordinator, (2014-...) Content-based search in gene expression databases: Context-dependent signatures (TUBITAK Project Grant No. 113E527)
Coordinator, (2014-...) Computer-aided diagnosis and prognosis from lung x-ray images (SANTEZ Grant No.379.STZ.2013-2)

Consultant, (2014-...) Translation management system, fundend by KOSGEB, Turkey
Coordinator, (2011-2013) Integration of sequence and expression data to discover microRNA-mediated regulatory networks. (TUBITAK Project Grant No. 110E160)
Coordinator, (2012-2013) Multi-way analysis of high-throuput data (B.Ü. BAP Grant No. BA12/FM10)
Coordinator, (2013-2014) Document categorization and signature region detection (SANTEZ Grant No.01522.STZ.2012-2)

Researcher, Agu, 2008-Agu, 2009, "MULTIBIO: Computational data fusion of multiple biological information sources and background data", funded by TEKES, Finland

Consultant, May, 2009-Dec, 2010, "MANSAD: Detecting and Monitoring Terror-related Activities on the Web", funded by TUBITAK, Turkey


Best Advisor Award, IBM Software Academy, Turkey, 2008

Young Scientist of the Year, Turkey, 2007 (S.Özyar Award)
Best Thesis of the Year, METU, 2007
FUTSAL Cup Winner (Team Coach), B.Ü, 2006


Scientific Activities

International Journal of Informatics Technologies (Editorial Board), 2008-...

Bioinformatics (Reviewer), 2015

Program: Electronic Library and Information Systems (Reviewer), 2015

Computers in Biology and Medicine (Reviewer), 2015

Briefings in Bioinformatics (Reviewer), 2011-2013

Evolutionary Bioinformatics (Reviewer), 2011-2013

Cancer Informatics (Reviewer), 2011

Information Sciences journal (Reviewer), 2009
Int. Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics (Reviewer), 2008
Digital Signal Processing journal (Reviewer), 2008

Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Reviewer), 2007 

Int. Conf. on Image Analysis and Recognition (ICIAR), 2014-2015

Int. Conf. on Pattern Recognition Applications and Models (ICPRAM), 2013-2016

IEEE Conf. on Signal Processing and Communication Applications (SIU), 2014-2015

Int. Conf. on Advances in Bioinformatics and Applications (BIOINFO), 2010-2012

Int. Conf. on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing (BISIGNALS), 2009-2010 

Int. Sym. on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics (HIBIT), 2007-2014

Int. Sym. on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS), 2005


SPSS Statistical Analysis (SPSS, Turkey, 2001)
Sun Solaris Administration I-II (GANTEK, Turkey, 2000)
Project Planning with MSProject (ITU, Turkey, 2000)
TUV Electrical Safety (MIKES, Germany, 1999)


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