PSK 532 - Evolutionary Social Psychology


Monday 18:00 to 21:20 | G-403

The purpose of the course is to provide students with an organized knowledge of the theoretical and empirical issues involving evolutionary perspectives on social cognition, self, attitudes, interpersonal processes, mating strategies, violence and individual differences. Students will be required to read a combination of review chapters from edited books and primary research articles. Students in the course will take turns (twice during the semester) facilitating discussion for these articles and will choose the topics that they wish to oversee.

The primary goals of the course are to
- introduce the basic concepts and primary research in evolutionary social psychology
- produce a feasible research proposal on the desired topic relevant to course content
- develop a better understanding of the methodologies employed in studying evolutionary social psychology
- improve students’ writing, presentation, and discussion skills through course activities.

Leading Class Discussion: Twice during the semester, students will lead class discussion. They are NOT required to explain the readings to other students or review them. Students should prepare discussion questions concerning the reading materials of the given week and help everyone have more dialogue during the class. The maximum possible point is 20.

Weekly Reaction Papers:
Twice during the semester, students will submit reaction paper (25pages, typed double spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman) describing their reactions to the week’s readings. In reaction papers, developing specific hypotheses about the week’s readings is expected. Students will submit their reaction papers before 12:00 am via e-mail ( on Sundays. Late submissions will not be considered. The maximum possible point is 20.

Research Proposal (Due date: 22 May 2017): Students are required to propose a new study about the topic they choose. Although students will not carry out a research, the proposal should include literature review related to the topic, hypotheses, method and discussion. So, to recap, students do NOT have to collect data; but if they do, that is FINE. Papers should be typed double spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman and must be written in accordance with the APA style. The maximum possible point is 45.

PSK 532


    01 - Biological Foundations of Evolution

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