The Basic of Pascal

Updated July 1st, 2000

Hi !

Welcome to our first lesson in Pascal. I am Roby Joehanes, nice to meet you. I will guide you through the basics of Pascal. Source code included therein is run under Borland Pascal 7.0, so you will probably need it although -- you might, suppose if you want to, be able to run it under other compiler, such as Microsoft's Quick Pascal. But -- I warn you -- some of it may not.

What you will get after this lesson :

  1. The understandings of inner program structure of Pascal.
  2. Know Pascal data structure well.
  3. Write a simple text-based program.
  4. Know how to store and retrieve data from the disk.

Well, the first lesson is divided into 14 chapter. I suggest you to follow the lesson sequentially so that you will not miss even a slight detail about the lesson. I write this tutorial as clear as possible. But should anything you want to ask, e-mail me. You may want to download the entire 14 chapter in a single 83K ZIP file or just browsing them. If you un-zip the file, the expanded file size is about 200K. Ok, here are the chapter :

CHAPTER 1 -- "Hello, World !" A classic approach to begin the course
Contains the basic understanding of structured programming in Pascal, simple data and some basic input output commands just to declare "Hello, World !"
CHAPTER 2 -- Let's Extend !
Extending the first "Hello, World !" with some colors. Know what crt unit is. Doing some assigments and calculations.
CHAPTER 3 -- If I...
Contains the basic understanding of conditional branching and its variants, the case of. This is also a lesson for getting keyboard command, readkey.
CHAPTER 4 -- "Constants !"
Yet, all basic thing about constants in Pascal.
CHAPTER 5 -- Loop A Loop
Contains three form of looping in Pascal: For, Repeat ... Until, and While ... do.
CHAPTER 6 -- What the hell are Procedures and Functions
Contains basic understandings about Procedures and Functions. How to break down the problems and then write the required procedures and/or functions.
CHAPTER 7 -- Mastering Array
Mentions basic understandings about array and how to use it.
CHAPTER 8 -- Dancing With Strings
Contains all basic things needed to modify and process strings.
CHAPTER 9 -- Best Records
Get record basic understandings and how to use it.
CHAPTER 10 -- Complex ? Not so ...
Continues records and extending it into complex data structure.
CHAPTER 11 -- It's All Set !
All basic understandings about sets.
CHAPTER 12 -- Unit 1 Ready !
Writing your own unit, extending the available standard units.
CHAPTER 13 -- Read the Text File
Writing and Reading text files and other applications.
CHAPTER 14 -- How About Binary One ?
Writing and Reading binary files and other applications.

Every lesson has a quiz so that you could evaluate yourself. If you don't know the answers, refer to the lesson or -- if you have questions related to it -- you may write me. Suggestions, critics, and corrections are welcome !

If you want to write me go ahead and make sure you check the FAQ first.

I'm sorry but I HAVE to mention this :



The tutorial is distributed "AS IS". The author is NOT liable for any damage caused by any parts of this tutorial. The entire risk is assumed to be user's. The damage is assumed to be user's fault and/or user's disability to use the tutorial. By entering any directory, user is agree to be bound in this agreement.

Sorry folks. But I am sure that this code works. I've tested it. Should any bug arise, write to me.

Now, where to go ?

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