miSEA | microRNA Set Enrichment Analysis

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) has been a central tool in gene expression analysis since its introduction in 2005. The idea is simple: An experiment can be explained by a list of the representative gene sets which show a significantly differential behavior in varying conditions. Ranking these gene sets based on their enrichment statistics in current data can relate their functional annotations with the experimental factors, such as diseases, designed by the observer. Whilst the current GSEA implementations can offer a large compendium of reliable gene sets, the concept is not applicable for microRNA experiments since they do not compile any previously defined microRNA sets in their analysis platform. We introduce here a new web-based tool, called miSEA, which evaluates the enrichment of predefined sets in a microRNA expression profiling experiment with two biological conditions, e.g. control vs. treatment. miSEA allows users to select amongst a large set of microRNA grouping categories, such as family classification, disease association and genome coordinate. In addition to a set of previously annotated microRNA sets embedded in the system, the tool enables the users to import new microRNA sets inferred by their own experiences.

Citatiton: Corapcioglu E, Ogul H, (2015), miSEA: microRNA set enrichment analysis, Biosystems 134, 37-42.

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