The Piano

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.

About this template

This template should be great for music blogs or something like that. It's a simple one column layout. It's quite a heavy weight on the graphics, so if you want a under 10k graphics template this is not the template for you. It works perfect in the latest versions of IE, FF and Opera. I kindly ask you to not remove the footer link if you have the free version. For more please visit my site (CssTemplateHeaven)

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Finaly IE supports transparent PNG's. This makes it very easy to make cool headings with custom fonts. You can still have text headings for clean text browsers, just push them out of the way with a span class. It's very simple (try edit the headings in the stylesheet to see how it works.) Remember when you make your own headings that you have to save them as PNG 24, and that they will not work with older versions of IE